I am Khalil Beamon, the creative founder of Dekoi. Founded in 2019, established in my backyard, where I initially began experimenting using upcycled denim as a creative outlet and escape from reality. After gaining traction within my business, I desired to expand my fashion knowledge and enhance my designing skills.

With the foundational components I use to invigorate and transform each piece I create, Dekoi illustrates my progressive approach in the fashion industry. I constantly introduce new methods of artisanal design to intrigue the creative mind.

Each piece is intricately sewn and implements a sense of versatile timelessness unaffected by trend. The ageless traditional hand-dyed and contemporary manipulated fabric techniques are examples of the fusion I use to induce the connection between the garment and its owner. Merging the methods of upcycling, distressing, the use of textures, and textiles regenerates the pieces to an extended level.

Self expression is vital. Therefore, to avoid confinement, each garment is gender neutral and can be worn by anyone.

The Dekoi customer is exhilarated to browse their wardrobe with a new perspective of how clothing can be a walking artform in today's world.